Do I Qualify for a Home Loan?

DO I NEED TO GET PRE-QUALIFIED TO BUY A HOME? That’s the most common asked questions by home seekers.

In today’s ever changing real estate industry, home sellers are requiring that all buyers walking through their homes MUST be qualified to buy their home.  In part, to save time and stress on the seller who is normally anxious to sell and on the Realtors who have little time to be “Tour Guides”.

In addition, all holder of foreclosed properties, H.U.D., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA require that all buyers have prequalification letters from a reputable lending institution or bank verification of funds before a buyer can even view their properties let alone submit offers on these properties.

Finally, as a buyer, your chances of having your offer accepted are higher with a pre-approval letter for financing than a buyer without this letter.